OH-DEAR! Super Scented Floor Cleaner (250ml Concentrated, Bubblegum)

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Floor Cleaner 240+ Fragrances Whether you want your floors to smell of pineapple, fresh linen, your favourite men's fragrance or bacon - there is a fragrance for you.  250ml or 500ml Size The 250ml features a built in dosing feature which most people find very handy. The 500ml version is presented in a squeeze bottle.

Anti-Lick Feature Contains Bitrex which is the most bitter substance known to man and dog. This means that Rover wont go licking your freshly mopped floor anymore as it will taste supremely bad to him. Good Boy Rover!.Premium Features Quick Drying Pet Anti-Lick Dosing Bottle (250ml) Great Fragrances Superior Cleaning Ability Anti-Bacterial Kills 99.9% of Germs Contains Benzalkonium Chloride 0.07g per 100ml.  Effective wide-spectrum anti-bacterial protection and disinfection Safe to use in Kitchens and around children and animals. Approved under Biocidal Product Regulations as an approved ingredient.

Part of the OH-DEAR! Home Hygiene Range Sanity with Fragrance. Includes Floor Cleaner, Surface Cleaner, Laundry Freshener, Ironing Water, Steam Mop Water, Bin Freshener and Washing up Liquid.

250ml Doser Includes handy dosing feature for easy measuring. To use simply squeeze the bottle to pump a dose into the top chamber, then pour into about 2-5L of warm water in your bucket.

500ml To use, simply squeeze the desired amount into a bucket of warm water. The more you use, the stronger the fragrance effect will be.

Which will you choose? Lavender, Tutti Frutti, Passion Fruit or 240 others?